The Origins of Cooking signed by Ferran Adria

The Origins of Cooking signed by Ferran Adria


PUBLISHER: Phaidon Press (February 24, 2021)
AUTHOR: Ferran Adria
HARDCOVER : 592 pages
SIZE : 9.35 x 1.65 x 13.4 inches

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An exploration of the birth of cooking, as charted by leading authority Ferran Adrià’s elBullifoundation

This essential volume examines the foundations of cuisine, starting with its earliest sources. Tracing every element of the produce, implements, and skills involved in food preparation, it asks such timely questions as: is the choice of raw food an act of cooking, or does cooking begin when specific tools are used to adapt it? Can food be considered ‘cooked’ when eaten in its raw state? Packed with intriguing text and illuminating elBullifoundation diagrams and images, it’s a must-have for every cook’s library.

The Origins of Cooking is the perfect addition to Phaidon’s Ferran Adrià library alongside A Day at elBulli, The Family Meal, Coffee Sapiens, and What is Cooking.

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