The Family Meal; Home Cooking with Ferran Adrian, 10th Anniversary Edition


FORMAT: Hardback
SIZE: 11 3/8 x 8 3/8″
PAGES: 384 pp
IILLUSTRATIONS: 1500 illustrations

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A new edition of the iconic chef Ferran Adrià’s globally bestselling home-cooking book, published on the 10th anniversary of its first release – his first and only book for home cooks

What does Ferran Adrià eat for dinner – and how did he feed the hard-working staff at his fabled elBulli, the first ‘destination restaurant’, nestled on the Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona? The Family Meal features a month’s worth of three-course menus created for and by Ferran and his team – meals that nourished and energized them for each evening’s service. Learn to make the perfect gazpacho, Thai chicken curry or chocolate mousse from the modern master, otherwise known for his ground-breaking avant-garde culinary creations. It’s the first – and only – book of everyday recipes by the world’s most influential chef, now with a brand-new foreword by Ferran himself.

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