Tasty Pride

Tasty Pride


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Tasty has always been the place to turn for good eats. Now, it’s also the place to turn for a community. Here, stories of love, pride, and acceptance—and the important role that food can play in that journey—accompany the innovative yet totally doable recipes you know to expect from Tasty.

Compiled by food writer Jesse Szewczyk and contributed by 75 cooks and celebrities from across the queer community such as Ted Allen, Anita Lo, and Rick Martinez, these recipes are not only delicious, but also meaningful. These folks bring you the dishes they love most, from Taco Potatoes with Spicy Ground Turkey to Everything Bagel Beignets, and from Beer-Steamed Crabs with Spicy Vinegar Dipping Sauce and Corn Salad to Fudgy Miso Brownies.

Pull up a chair and take your seat at the table with Tasty Pride.

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