Raami Tumbler S/2 Limited Edition


DESIGN: Jasper Morrison, 2018
SIZE: 3.4h x 3″d/8.75oz
MATERIAL: Recycled Glass

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ittala’s Raami tumbler, made of recycled glass, boasts a charmingly simple and inviting design concocted by Jasper Morrison. Although fluting is a very common way to decorate glass tumblers, in the Raami tumbler, the fluting is actually on the inside and the outside is completely smooth.

The recycled glass Raami tumbler is part of Iittala’s special collection crafted entirely of waste glass from the Iittala glassworks. Iittala’s philosophy has always focused on timelessness and durability as opposed to throwaway culture. Therefore, all waste glass at the Iittala glassworks is recycled or repurposed for creating new objects.

The pieces in the recycled glass collection are made of whatever waste glass is available at the time, meaning that their colours may vary from blues and greens to neutral tones. Due to the recycling process, each product has its own characteristics that make it uniquely beautiful and attractive. The recycled glass collection is a limited edition with special engravings, and each of the products also comes with a sticker that informs you of the recycled material used – an especially nice touch when received as a gift.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in