No.8 France Edition by Ale Giorgini

No.8 France Edition by Ale Giorgini


Blade:12C27 Sandvik Stainless Steel

Handle: Boxwood + Dye-sublimation artwork
Boxwood comes from French and European forests. It is a dense, hard wood, with a very fine grain. Its color varies from ivory to yellow.

Yatagan Style:The classic Opinel blade has adopted a Yatagan shape. The Yatagan shape is inspired by a traditional Turkish saber, the toe up. The blade is ground to an exclusive convex profile that ensures the strength of the blade and allows efficient regrinding.

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2017 “France !” by Ale Giorgini

For the limited collection Edition 2017 «France !», 3 artists from 3 different countries design the handle of the iconic N°08 knife.
Ale Giorgini lives in Vicenza, Italy. Jeremyville lives in Brooklyn, USA.
and Rylsee lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in