Messermeister Pro-Touch Shell Fish Knife

Messermeister Pro-Touch Shell Fish Knife


SIZE: 7 3/4″
COLOR: Stainless Steel Tool – Black Santoprene Handle

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A perfect knife with a strong, durable blade. Ideal for Oysters and Clams. The Pro-Touch series, made in Taiwan, is Messermeister’s most economical tool line. This line is comprised of all the latest culinary tool trends. These tools are manufactured from stainless steel and feature large-sized, soft grip handles. Dishwasher Safe.

Messermeister was founded over a century ago, Solingen, Germany. “Messer”, meaning knife, and “meister”, meaning maestro or master, combine to create the company’s name; a company striving with full commitment and desire to provide the highest quality cutlery and culinary tools for the home and professional chef.