Messermeister Edge Guard Set

Messermeister Edge Guard Set


Two blade entry notches

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The Messermeister 4 Piece Edge-Guard Set is ideal for our 4 Piece Gourmet Knife Sets. It consists of an 8″ Chef’s, 10″ Slicer, 6″ Utility and 4″ Parer Edge-Guard. Messermeister invented the hard plastic Edge-Guard and it is available in various widths and lengths. Edge-Guards by Messermeister have been recognized as not only the original edge protectors, but by far, the finest quality and the most functional. If your knives are not stored in a block or you carry them around in knife luggage, Edge-Guards are a must for the knives you want to take care of.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × .05 in