Matcha Chasen Whisk


MATERIAL: Fire treated Bamboo
SIZE: 6 x 11cm
COLOR: Blond

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The list of tools and equipment used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is exhaustive. For modern-day matcha fans, however, only a few are absolute musts – among them the Chasen Whisk. This 80-bristled wonder is masterfully carved out of a single piece of bamboo in the traditional way. To achieve that all-important matcha froth, whisk briskly in M-shaped, not circular, strokes. Just remember: it’s all in the wrist.

The Chasen is used in Japanese tea ceremonies to prepare perfectly smooth matcha. No geisha required: just pour almost-boiling water over your powdered tea and whisk until you reach an even consistency. Then drink immediately to experience the deliciously healthy taste of a centuries-old ritual. Or get modern and mix the sweetened tea with frothy steamed milk for a tasty latthé. Kanpai!

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