Lady Jayne’s Alchemy Worcestshire, 100ml

Lady Jayne’s Alchemy Worcestshire, 100ml


SIZE: 100ml

Batch 6 Barrel 6

Ingredients: water, vinegar, onion, garlic, molasses, herbs, spices, chilies, tamarind, honey, anchovy, soy sauce & citrus. (contains soy, wheat and fish. Processed in a facility that uses soy, nuts, dairy, shellfish & gluten)

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Made in a barn in the woods of Old Chatham, NY. This is the classic sauce based on the original recipe from the 1800’s. Smooth and rich with complex savory notes. If you’re looking to add some serious umami flavor, this is the sauce for you. 100ml

Lady Jayne’s Alchemy is a quaint brand created by our good friend Jori Jayne Emde, a flavor maker. Her specialties are Fermentation and Herbal Alchemy with a focus on terroir. She practices her unique process of Whole Utilization: maximizing the yield from each ingredient through the processes of fermentation, preservation, and extraction.

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