Jenaer Glas Egg Coddler

Jenaer Glas Egg Coddler


SIZE: 8oz For two eggs
MATERIAL: Borosilicate Glass/18/10 Stainless Steel

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These egg coddlers are the perfect piece to use to coddle your eggs!
Famous Bauhaus figure Wilhelm Wagenfeld designed the “Egg Coddler No. 2” in the 1930s. Then as now, the egg coddler is made of the technical glass from Jena: heat resistant and unbreakable.The eggs are soft-cooked and similar to poached eggs, but the eggs are cooked more slowly than a boiled egg. The lid is a secure top that cCrystal Lamps on the dish/cup. The egg or eggs are broken into the buttered coddler and seasonings of your choice are added. The coddler is then closed with the lid and partially immersed in boiling water for a few minutes. When the eggs are cooked to the desired firmness, the coddler is lifted from the boiling water, the lid removed, and served. Enjoy!

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in