Dye-Free Into The Woods Pop! Nonpareil Sprinkles

Dye-Free Into The Woods Pop! Nonpareil Sprinkles


Into the Woods Sprinkles by Supernatural, No Artificial Dyes, Gluten Free, Vegan, Natural Color from Spirulina & Turmeric

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WOODSY WONDERLAND: Explore the whimsy found in this 3oz bottle of white snowballs, snow flurries, and plant-based pine trees.
COLORS FROM PLANTS: Colors sourced from spirulina and turmeric, this balanced blend of trees, frost, and “twigs” is an evergreen ode to the great outdoors.
CLEAN BAKING: No nasties here! We keep our kitchen free from petroleum-derived dyes, environmentally unfriendly oils, and other controversial stuff with these cleaned up sprinkles.
NO CONFECTIONER’S GLAZE: Did you know most sprinkles get their shine from bugs? We keep it vegan with a formula that’s friendly to all creatures, big and small. Into the Woods is also soy free, gluten free, and Certified Kosher.
LET IT SNOW: Great for decorating your homemade cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate, or other holiday desserts. With less than 3g of sugar, our sprinkles are guilt-free!