Bittermens Transatlantic Bitters

Bittermens Transatlantic Bitters


Warm licks of baking spices ramble playfully among woody tannins, a pang of liquorice, syrupy anise and a floral backdrop.
Alcohol 45%

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The Bittermens Transatlantic Aromatic is a fascinating combination of some of the great bitters of the world, influenced by the aromatic bitters of Venezuela and Trinidad; with flavours of gentian, clove, allspice and cinnamon, New Orleans style bitters; with angelica and anise seed, the iconic Italian Fernet; using a touch of aloe and chicory, Alpine Amaro traditions, with additions of chamomile and dandelion and a suggestion of German digestives, with cherry bark and liquorice.

A remarkable sixteen botanicals make up a truly unique aromatic bitter that’s of natural colour and has no added sugar. You really could add this to almost anything – whether it’s margaritas, mojitos, even daiquiris – because it’s versatile and intriguing and brilliant. Understand its power and enjoy.

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