Mar 01 2019

Swabian Spätzle with Lentils & Sausage, Corinna Geib, ImmuneSchein

  • 6:00pm
  • 37b north front street, kingston, ny 12401

Culinary historians have shown that the first mention of the Spätzle dates back to 1725. However, there are illustrations available from the medieval times, which mark their origins to predate the above mentioned time period. As far as the noodles alone are concerned, they have been in existence for a very long time. They are known to have originated almost 4,000 years ago in East Asia and then came to Europe almost 2,000 years ago.

The Spätzle and Knöpfle carry a significant amount of historical and cultural significance. This tradition of production and preparation dates back many centuries in the region. You can also find their references in the form of poems about their favorite dish such as the one published in 1838 in the Black Forest messenger, the poem: The praise of Schwabenknöpfle, the poem Schwäbische Leibspeisa or the Spätzles Song.

Swabian Spätzle with Lentils &  Sausage or “Linsen mit Spätzle” is the national dish of the Swabian region in Southern Germany where Corinna originates.  It is a savory stew consisting of lentils, speck and boiled pork sausage.  In this workshop, Corinna will teach us how to make her national dish as well as how to make Spätzle the old fashioned way, using a wooden board and knife!

$85 per student includes 2.5hr workshop and recipes PLUS eat-what-you-make!

845 514 2300 to book or click the link to purchase tickets now.

Corinna is a native of Germany and grew up in the countryside of southern Germany, Swabia, and was influenced early on by her grandfather – an herbalist, gardener, and lover of nature and the world.  She always had an interest and excitement for homegrown foods, foods made from scratch and cooking. At 16 years old, she started a three-year apprenticeship at a small food store. In 1997, she opened a specialty food store, selling fresh produce, fish, and cheese. 

In 2002, Corinna changed careers and went into the medical industry. For the following seven years, she worked closely with research and development departments, event management, and ultimately started traveling to the U.S. to set up workshops and events. During one of her trips in 2006, she met Jason (her now husband) and, after living in Germany for two and a half years together, she started a life in the U.S. in 2009. 

Together with Jason, Corinna founded ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs in 2013, a business located in West Hurley, NY.  Next to her business, growing food and cooking, she enjoys making pottery, knitting, reading and meeting with friends for card playing.