Feb 01 2020

Grandma Johnson’s Beef & Noodles with Megan Johnson, Hudson Jane

  • 6:00pm
  • 37b north front street, kingston, ny 12401


We met Megan this past fall, at the incredibly memorable premiere of her Craft Dinner Series  at 7M2K in collaboration with her equally delightful partner, Jen, and a host of fine Hudson Valley growers and makers.  I love Megan’s style of cooking–note: she cooked for two years in the kitchen at Gramercy Tavern at the very beginning of an impressive resume [see below]–a very clean approach, driven by ingredient and devoid of the ego that so often clouds a chef’s intention…a very humble approach that allows the ingredients to sing in the most organically harmonious way as if nature herself had plated them.  We are SO excited to introduce you to Megan and Jen…they became kindred sisters in a heartbeat and we can’t wait for more.

Grandma Johnson grew up on a farm in Idaho and instilled upon Megan the importance of seasonal cooking from the farm.  This workshop is inspired by Megan’s grandmother’s recipe and a great example of Hudson Jane’s signature “fancy” American comfort food.   Here, Megan takes a very comforting dish that many folks may have grown up on, but incorporates French techniques bringing even more flavor to the dish in fun and surprising ways.  Everything from scratch here…including the noodles…with most of her dishes having several different recipes within them, resulting in a flavor explosion with each bite!   In just two words, I tease/leave you with…candied shallots.

“Life’s too short to eat shi*tty food.” – Hudson Jane

$105 per student includes 3hr workshop and recipes PLUS eat-what-you-make!

845 514 2300 to book or click the link to purchase tickets now.


Chef Megan Johnson has been cooking professionally for over two decades, but it was cooking  with her paternal grandmother, Grace Johnson where her love of cooking began.   Raise on a farm in Iowa, her grandmother instilled upon Megan the importance of seasonal cooking using fresh ingredients. 

After finishing high school, Megan attended Culinary school in Seattle, Washington where she learned French Cuisine and techniques.  She later travelled through Europe for over a year where she experienced food and culture of various European countries.  After returning to the states she found herself in NYC cooking at Gramercy Tavern, learning the ins and outs of New American food at America’s best restaurant. 

After two years at Gramercy, she helped open Gottino a popular wine bar in Greenwich Village where she met wife and business partner Jen.   She later moved on to become Executive Chef of Caselulla Wine and Cheese Café in NYC for 8 years.   It was here she began to hone and cultivate her food which she dubbed  “fancy American Comfort” food. 

To Megan, America is a country of immigrants, all of whom bring their own flavors and traditions. To create her “fancy American Comfort” food, she uses French techniques and her unexpected flavor combinations to make the traditional new and exciting.

It was a dream of hers to open her own restaurant and in the Summer of 2017 with wife Jen, they opened Hudson Jane, a friendly neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn featuring her “fancy American Comfort” food. 

The couple decided to close Hudson Jane’s doors at the end of 2018 in favor of opening jane & hudson, bespoke events & hospitality co.  Freeing themselves from a brick and mortar location allows the couple to provide a more personalized, intimate form of hospitality with an expanded reach; something the restaurant could not do.   Private entertaining is something the couple both enjoy and excel at.  The duo have unique but complementary talents allowing them to bring a sense of ease, comfort and enjoyment to any gathering.  Megan and Jen have partnered up with Hudson Valley resident and friend Rhonda Shade to bring their “fancy American Comfort” food to the Hudson Valley with Craft Dinner Series, a gathering celebrating the farmers and makers of the region through experiential meals in various rustic settings throughout the region.