Sep 15 2018

Gomen Gyoza | Japanese Cooking with Youko Yamamoto

  • 6:00pm
  • 37b north front street, kingston, ny 12401

Chef Youko is back to amuse and delight with a crash course in Gomen Gyoza!

Traditionally made with minced pork, the gyoza has its origins dating back to the Second World War when Japanese soldiers returning from Northeastern China, brought home with them the recipe for jiaozi dumplings.  The Japanese version, noted for its thinner wrapper and richer garlic flavour has since become a mainstay on Japanese menus here in the US as well.

Youko’s Gomen Gyoza is made with ground turkey instead of pork and we’ll learn to make both Yaki Gyoza (potsticker style) and Sui Gyoza (boiled in broth).  As always, each class with Youko kicks off with an in-depth look at proper techniques for making rice,  after which we’ll learn to make some yummy Pickles, and the Gomen Gyoza and dipping sauce.

$85pp includes 2hr hands-on workshop + eat-what-you-make. Seating is limited.
Call us at 845 514 2300 to reserve your spot or email us at kitchen@bluecashew.com


Youko Yamamoto was born in Yokohama, Japan and grew up to cook with her mother, aunts and grandmother. Her father also educated her cooking by taking her all over Japan to eat in many styles of gourmet food. She moved to New York City in 1981 to attend Pratt Institute to study graphic design. She started to teach cooking in the Park Slope Food Co-op, Brooklyn in 1998, as well as other places in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She and her family moved to the Hudson Valley in 2000. She is currently planning to open a ramen noodle shop in Kingston after closing the well-established Japanese noodle shop “Gomen-Kudasai” in New Paltz, NY which was open from 2008 – 2018 where she trained many young people, provided jobs for students and legal aliens, and shared Japanese cultures with the community.

Gomen-Ramen, an authentic Japanese Ramen Noodle Shop is coming to Kingston this Fall!  Soon you can enjoy the Ramen Noodle Soup that inherits Gomen-Kudasai’s DNA, lots of UMAMI and is healthy for all.