Aug 04 2019

Galettes with Tess Kelly

  • 1:00pm
  • 37b north front street, kingston, ny 12401

THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT.  email kitchen@bluecashew.com to join the waitlist

Galettes (or ‘flat cakes’ roughly translated) are a versatile free-form pastry that go both ways–meaning savory or sweet.  For those averse to the exacting pageantry of crafting the perfect pie shell, but longing for something crusty to bake your greenmarket haul into…the galette is the solution you’ve been searching for!

We’ll work with a traditional Pâte Brisée, a very versatile shortcrust pastry dough…that we’ll doctor with some cornmeal for our savory concoctions.  After this workshop, you’re going to want to bake everything into a galette.  We’ll start with a savory Leek & Goat Cheese Galette that we’ll promptly gobble down for lunch, before everyone embarks on making their own individual Stone Fruit (sweet) and Tomato Basil with Roasted Garlic (savory) to take home.

We have too much fun at our Sunday sessions with Tess, come join us!

$85 per student includes 3hr workshop and recipes PLUS taste-and-take-home-what-you-make!

845 514 2300 to book or click the link to purchase tickets now.

Tess Kelly is a pastry chef and founder of Séraphine Bakery. She relocated to France in 1986 where she developed her love of French cuisine. She apprenticed under the chef of the pâtisserie she lived above in Paris. Madame Bernard took her under her wing and generously shared the art and love of baking French pastries and French cuisine.

After working for several years in the restaurant business in New York City, she opened Séraphine Bakery in 2014.  Since then Tess has developed hands-on workshops for children and adults. Her desire to feed people and share the art of preparing food is the basis of all of her cooking and baking classes.

She currently teaches both private and public workshops in New York, and in France.


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