Feb 10 2019

Dumplings from Scratch with Corinne Trang

  • 11:00am
  • 37b north front street, kingston, ny 12401

Its amazing how three simple ingredients — flour, water and salt — can be combined and worked in varying ratios to produce an infinite amount of culinary outcomes integral to nearly every food culture on this planet.  In this workshop led by Corinne Trang, author of the “Essentials of Asian Cuisine” you’ll learn to master the arduous task of making and rolling out fresh dumpling dough; how to form a handful of traditional dumpling shapes including Scalloped, Golden Nugget and the Purse; as well as various cooking methods including boiling, steaming and pan-frying.

In addition to the three savory fillings — Pork & Cabbage, Shrimp & Watercress and Mushroom, Cabbage & Cellophane Noodles — we’ll make two different dipping sauces including Spicy Herbal with aromatics, cilantro and soy as well as a simple black vinegar and soy-based quick sauce.  Chef Trang is one of our most rigorous instructors so come prepared to work!

$90 per student includes 2.5hr workshop and recipes PLUS eat-what-you-make!

845 514 2300 to book or click the link to purchase tickets now.

Corinne Trang is the award-winning author of several books including the most recently published “Switch It Up: A Fresh Take on Quick and Easy Diabetes-Friendly Recipes for a Balanced Life” (2017), “Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook” (ADA, 2012), “Noodles Every Day” (2009), “Curry Cuisine” (2007), “The Asian Grill” (2006), “A Food Lover’s Companion: Vietnamese” (2006),” “Essentials of Asian Cuisine” (2003), and “Authentic Vietnamese Cooking” (1999), and has contributed to many more including “The Encyclopedia of Food & Culture” (Scribners & Sons, 2006).

A classically trained chef, she has served as spokesperson to various national brands and commodities such as Kame and Thai Kitchen. Dubbed the “Julia Child of Asian Cuisine” by the Washington Post, she is a frequent television and radio guest and has appeared on national, regional, and cable network including NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Morning Show, PBS, FOX News, ABC, CNN, Lifetime, Discovery, Food Network, Sirius, Business Talk Radio, National Public Radio, and Bloomberg to name a few. She has written for numerous publications including Saveur, Food & Wine, Fine Cooking, Islands, Gourmet, Cooking Light, and Bon Appetit, and has taught and lectured internationally. Trang is a food and tea consultant and the founder of Liquid Gold Tea,  a wholesale and retail source for handcrafted premium whole leaf tea, traditional Chinese gong fu tea service, Cha Dao meditation, and private instruction and custom tea events. For more information, please visit www.corinnetrang.com and www.liquidgoldtea.com.